Introducing Autogas: A Cleaner and Cost-Effective Fuel Choice

What is Autogas?

Autogas, also known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), is a flammable hydrocarbon gas mixture that includes propane and butane. This versatile fuel is used in various applications, such as home heating, cooking, stationary generators, and, most importantly, as an eco-friendly alternative to petrol (gasoline) and diesel in vehicles.


Autogas Conversion – Upgrading Your Vehicle

To enable vehicles to run on Autogas, an Autogas conversion is carried out, which involves the addition of a second fuel system, including an LPG tank, intake manifold modifications, a new ECU, and various fittings. This conversion allows the vehicle to operate on both traditional fuels and Autogas efficiently.

Advantages of Autogas: Fuel Economy and Reduced Emissions

When comparing Autogas to petrol cars, Autogas offers numerous advantages, such as improved fuel economy, reduced maintenance costs, and notably lower emissions. It’s a greener and more economical choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

Autogas vs. LPG Fuel: Is There a Difference?

There is often confusion between the terms “Autogas” and “LPG fuel.” In reality, they are essentially the same, with the only difference being the possible inclusion of butane along with propane. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is the umbrella term that covers both propane and butane, and when utilized as fuel for vehicles, it is commonly referred to as Autogas.

LPG Vehicles: The Power of Autogas

LPG vehicles, also known as LPG cars, are vehicles fuelled by Autogas. They can be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) single-fuel LPG vehicles or undergo a dual-fuel LPG conversion to run on either Autogas or petrol. With approximately 25 million LPG vehicles worldwide, the popularity of Autogas continues to grow.

Types of Autogas Conversion Systems

There are four primary types of Autogas conversion systems:

  1. Converter-and-Mixer Systems: This traditional system converts LPG liquid fuel into vapor and then mixes it with air before entering the intake manifold.
  2. Vapour Phase Injection (VPI) Systems: Like the converter-and-mixer systems, the gas exits the converter under pressure and is injected into the intake manifold using electrically controlled injectors, leading to improved fuel economy, power, and reduced emissions.
  3. Liquid Phase Injection (LPI) Systems: In this method, liquid LPG is injected directly into the intake manifold, where it vaporizes, cooling and densifying the intake air. LPI systems offer enhanced power output, fuel efficiency, and lower emissions compared to VPI systems.
  4. Liquid Phase Direct Injection (LPDI) Systems: The most advanced Autogas conversion system, LPDI injects liquid LPG directly into the combustion chamber, leading to instant vaporization and significant performance and emission improvements.

Autogas: Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

In terms of cost, Autogas is approximately half the price of petrol, but it does require about 20% more fuel consumption. Nonetheless, the cost savings are substantial, particularly when comparing it to high-octane petrol. For those who cover a high mileage, the savings in fuel costs often exceed the initial investment of the Autogas conversion.

Autogas Mileage vs. Gasoline (Petrol) Mileage

Although Autogas may have slightly lower mileage compared to petrol, its significantly lower price more than compensates for the difference. This makes Autogas a wise choice for budget-conscious drivers seeking a greener alternative.

Choosing Autogas for a Cleaner Future

In summary, Autogas (LPG) offers a cleaner, cost-effective, and efficient solution for powering vehicles. With various Autogas conversion systems available, drivers can choose the one that best suits their needs, making a positive impact on both the environment and their wallets. Join the growing community of Autogas users and embrace a more sustainable future on the road.

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