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Say goodbye to the stress of blackouts with a solar installation from Stargas. With frequent blackouts, now is the perfect time to make the switch and start reaping the benefits of solar energy. 

Don’t wait any longer to go solar and start saving money, we now have comprehensive solar packages specifically tailored to meet the energy needs for your household. 

Easily follow the steps below to choose the solar package that best suit your needs. We offer finance options to make the transition to solar energy more accessible. Get started on your solar journey with Stargas today!

Take note: These solar installation packages have been carefully crafted to provide the most cost-effective solution for powering your home. This is not an off-grid system, but the option to upgrade to one is available when you select the appropriate solar package for your home. Our consultants will be able to advise on various requests.

*Remember all appliances using electricity elements i.e. Ovens, stoves, geysers, kettles should not be connected to the inverter, this will ensure that the battery can carry you through the entire loadshedding or blackout session.

Stargas recommends a gas conversion to stoves and geysers to ensure you are fully operational during blackouts.  Consult our gas specialists on 012 756 1883.

Basic key words


is a measure of power.

Input Voltage


its "pressure". It is the force that pushes or pulls on charge to make the device move. E.g. for the washing machine that needs “to work you need voltage to make it happen.

Input Voltage


The amount of power you use to make the device operational: e.g. a washing machine that needs 230V, means the voltage you will be using for the machine will be 230V.


Rating used to alert you how much amperage a battery can provide for exactly one hour.



The minimum voltage required by that device to be functional.



panels which form part of a solar PV system, the Pv solar panels create DC energy from sunlight.

Step 1: Calculator

Knowing how much current is flowing to your load is very important in selecting the package. The higher the choice of voltage the better the supply. This calculator is intended to assist you to calculate the size of a package you need for your home. It includes solar panels, inverter, batteries, and KW.

Step 2: Package Selection

NOTE: If package is out of your price range, please go back to the calculator and remove some appliances

Step 3: Add Your Extras

After gathering the basic ingredients for your package, you might need extras in order to get extra hours from your battery. Choose from the following items and make it work for your home.

Should you be uncertain of the extras you need to increase please speak to one of our installers onsite he has extra spares.



Solar Panels


Step 4: Request Free Installation Quotations

Free quotation within 15 km radius of our head office.

On completion of checkout Stargas will arrange with our installer to go give the quotation and the courier will deliver the package right at your home.

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