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Pizza Tool Combo Kit 1800


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Pizza Tool Combo Kit 1800 – 2x Pizza Tool combo which includes;

ALUMINIUM PERFORATED PIZZA PEEL 1800- The pizza peel is perforated to get rid of the extra flour, that most professional pizzaiolos / chefs do not want underneath their perfect pizza bases. The large pizza peel is used to pick the pizza up off the worktop, slide the pizza in and out of the oven smoothly, every time to prevent any distortion of the pizza base or loss of toppings, a flick of the wrist and there you are!

The sizes, shapes and lengths have different purposes which are suited to different size pizza ovens and workspaces: If a Pizza peel is too long, it would create an uncomfortable and dangerous environment in the workspace. Whereas if it is too short, it would be difficult to manage the oven properly. Selecting the correct size is important for the pizzaiolo / chef to do their job correctly.

The length of the pole can be cut to size and recapped by the customer if you need to have a specific size. (Please note this will void your warranty)

Perforated Head Dimensions: 32 cm x 30cm Stem Length: 1800mm S/STEEL PERFORATED PIZZA PEEL 1700- Is manufactured out of High-grade stainless steel with Italian artisan quality welding to guarantee reliability on all our Pizza tools.

The S/STEEL PERFORATED PIZZA PEEL 1700 Is used by the pizzaiolo’s seeking the pest control over the pizza base while it is cooking in the pizza oven. The round head with perforation gives the pizzaiolo full control overturning the base ensuring no overcooked sides of the crust. The perforation angels are designed to scrape any unwanted ash or excess flower that might be underneath the pizza base. Without this tool you will struggle to get a perfect pizza and is an absolute must if you are using a quality pizza oven that is capable of reaching 350ᵒC- 450ᵒC degrees.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 180 × 30 × 5 cm
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