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Heater Control Knob


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Heater Control Knob – single replacement black control knob for most 3 Panel Roll-About heaters. Made from durable Nylon plastic to handle any dispersed heat from the heater. The knob has an indicative line to show what flame strength it is placed on, as well as a handle for easy grip and movement. The control knob controls the strength of the 3 Panel Roll-About heater’s flame, so you can easily adjust the warmth that is dispersed from the heater. As the name suggests, the 3 Panel Roll-About heater has 3 panels which are used as the warmth settings, meaning the heater has 3 levels of heat.

When replacing the heater control knob, ensure the gas heater is safely secured, preferably with someone holding it in place. Pull off the current knob, then, carefully placing the new knob’s insert over the heater pin and pushing it down in place.

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