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Flashback Arrestors


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Flashback Arrestors main purpose is to keep the gas flowing in one direction only and helps protect against any flashbacks. An essential piece of equipment that is perfectly made to prevent a flash back, which is a flame that travels in the opposite direction of the normal gas flow in either the torch being used or in the gas hose connected to your regulator. It comes in different sizes.
FBA mainly used to protect single cylinders, outlet points or pipelines and can be used for almost all technical gases such as acetylene, propane, propylene, ethylene, methane, hydrogen, or oxygen. The FBA has a spring loaded non return valve that prevents the gas from feeding backward into the hose. If you are brazing, heating, gas welding or cutting then you should be using flashback arrestors on both your regulators and torch. A must have product that save your life.

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Flashback Arrestors Acetylene Regulator 3/8, Flashback Arrestors Acetylene Torch 3/8, Flashback Arrestors Acetylene Regulator 9/16, Flashback Arrestors Acetylene Torch 9/16, Flashback Arrestors Oxygen Regulator 3/8, Flashback Arrestors Oxygen Torch 3/8, Flashback Arrestors Oxygen Regulator 9/16, Flashback Arrestors Oxygen Torch 9/16

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