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Dewhot 16Litre Constant Temp Package


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Dewhot 16Litre Constant Temp Package includes: Dewhot 16litre constant temp Lpg Geyser – has multiple outlets running simultaneously to ensure there is constant supply of water regardless of the water demand. This gas gyser is designed to service areas which require higher flow rates of water, and where more than 1 hot water tap can be opened simultaneously without affecting the temperature at either point. The geyser’s “Control Unit” intelligently senses the demand for water and instantaneously adjusts the gas flow through multiple valves to meet the demand, even as demand fluctuates. It has the following features: Wider operating pressure (From 0.3Bar – 5Bar)
Aluminium coated for better rust protection Battery fired by 1 Torch battery’s (no electricity required)
Fitted with a “Flame Failure Device”, which instantly shuts off the gas in event flame dies
Pressure relief for freezing conditions
LCD screen for temperature display
Adjustable flame height
Adjustable water flow Dehot Gas geyser Cover Extra Large – Installing a Gas Geyser outside it must be installed with a weather box to protect the appliance against severe weather and damage. These boxes are constructed to allow the hot air that is released by the unit to escape so that they do not overheat and cut out. If your geyser uses a flue then you will need a cover that has a flue roof.

Weight 18.5 kg
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