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Copper brazing Rod BCuP


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Copper brazing Rod BCuP is a versatile and effective silver-copper-phosphorus brazing alloy that is primarily used in copper to copper braze joints in HVAC Markets. Copper brazing Rod can be used with other copper-based alloys such as brass or bronze. It has a higher melting point than most BCuP alloys and a longer melting range because it contains no silver within the alloy.
AM BCup-2 does NOT require a flux when brazing copper because the phosphorus within the braze alloy. Along with a reducing torch flame, Copper brazing Rod BCuP creates an extremely strong hermetically sealed braze joint that is stronger than the copper itself. It has a long melting range (150°F) and can have a “Liquation Effect” where low and high melting constituents of the braze filler metal separate due to improper heating. A minimum brazing temperature of 1500°F (815°C) is recommended.

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Copper Brazing Rod 2MM 0% Silver Bcup -2, Copper Brazing Rod 3MM 0% Silver Bcup -2, Copper Brazing Rod 2MM 2% Silver Bcup-6, Copper Brazing Rod 3MM 2% Silver BCUP-6, Copper Brazing Rod 2MM 5% Silver BCUP-3, Copper Brazing Rod 3MM 5% Silver BCUP-3

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