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Bullnose Rubber Seal


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Bullnose Cone Rubber Seal – Replacement of the Cone rubber seal on the BULLNOSE REGULATOR. This is one of 2 types of seals found on a Bullnose regulator. (This 5/8inch horizontal regulator fits on all Domestic and industrial L.P.G. Cylinders: 9kg, 14kg, 19kg & 48kgSV. Bullnose regulator fits an 8mm orange gas hose and is suitable for any cylinder size from 9kg and larger. An LP Gas regulator’s function in an installation is to reduce pressure to the gas exiting the cylinder to match the pressure of the required appliances.) Ensure your Cone Bullnose seals is ALWAYS in good condition. Any seal found to have cracks should be replaced immediately.

NOTE: The Cone Bullnose seal has a tendency to stay wedged inside the valve of the cylinder it was fitted to, always ensure your cone seal is removed and is properly fitted to your regulator. When connecting the new cylinder make sure your regulator Cone seal is still ON and there are NO obstructions that may cause the cylinder to leak. Once your regulator is fastened make sure it does not feel loose, if so it may be an indication that the seal has not seated properly. Use soapy solution after every exchange to ensure your regulator and cylinder valves are not leaking. Consult the Stargas Technical team should you require any further information.

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