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308LSI Mig Wire


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308LSI Mig Wire Stainless Steel Tig Wire is a filler metal most popular grade among stainless steels, used for general purpose application. This wire is used to weld equipment made with 304 and 308 stainless grades. Welding speed is higher than 308 or 308L due to improved wettability of weld metal. where corrosion conditions are moderate. It is versatile for welding austenic stainless steel. The addition of silicon improves the usability of this alloy in the gas metal arc process producing a more fluid weld and cleaner bead then standard 308L.
Required Shielding Gas: Argon
High resistance to hot cracking
Suitable for high pressure pipping and tubing.

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308LSI 308LSI Mig Wire 15KG, 308LSI Mig Wire 0.9MM 15KG, 308LSI Mig Wire 1.0MM 15KG, 308LSI Mig Wire 1.2MM 15KG, 309LSI Mig Wire 0.8MM 15KG, 309LSI Mig Wire 0.9MM 15KG, 309LSI Mig Wire 1.0MM 15KG, 309LSI Mig Wire 1.2MM 15KG, 310LSI Mig Wire 1.0MM 15KG, 310LSI Mig Wire 1.2MM 15KG

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