Welcome to Stargas online E-shop.

We’re excited to see you join the Stargas online store.

We hope you will be happy with products offered by the online store and that you will shop with us again and again.

But before you start, here’s a short tutorial we created for our new online customers. This tutorial will help you order your product with ease.

Please make yourself at home and enjoy shopping with us.

What do you need to shop online?

First, you will need a computer or mobile device with internet access. Second, you will need a credit, debit card or EFT access so that you can make payments for your purchases.

How to place an order on our online store:

Step 1: Enter Gas Shop

From the home page choose enter Gas store or go to the tabs at the top of the page select Gas Shop.

Step 2: Find products you want to purchase.

Before you start shopping online, you need to find the products you want to buy. Once that is established, here is what you need to do!

  • Select the category, E.g., Braai/ Cooking this depends on your product need.
  • After you select the category, scroll, and look for the item.

When you find your product, each product has a price and an option to add to the cart. 

Click add to cart!

The item will appear on your cart.


A check out form will display for you to fill in your billing address on the one end and your order details on the other end. Your order form will display product, name, subtotal, shipping fee and total.

Your order:

Proceed to check out and your order number will be displayed together with banking details.

When completed you will receive an email, thanking you for your order and all your order details.

Thank you for supporting my online store! Purchases both big and small help us keep our dream of providing the best quality products to our customers.

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