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Gas Repairs & MaintenanceWhen it comes to LPG, you should never have to wait for a leak repair, therefore we have taken extra notice of where all our stores are located. To ensure that your gas needs can be tended to as easily and efficiently as possible. Our head office is located in Centurion, Gauteng, and express-stores located across Pretoria, which means you can rest assured that we will be able to assist ASAP.

Keeping your home and business safe is our top priority and surely yours as well. At Stargas, this is our main objective, apart from excellent customer service. We ensure that your family and business is in safe hands. Offering a wide range of gas equipment repairs & maintenance, such as; gas boilers, geysers, heating and hot water repairs, domestic, commercial & business orientated repairs. We also provide comprehensive fault finding and diagnostic services, to assess your current gas installation and identify any possible problem areas.

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With a reputation built on professionalism and reliability, Stargas is your trusted partner for all gas-related needs. From installations to maintenance, cylinder refilling, and repairs of gas appliances, we offer a holistic range of services. Our skilled technicians handle gas system repairs, leak repairs, and maintenance. Apart from delivering excellent customer service, our primary focus is on keeping your family and business safe.

Our comprehensive gas equipment repair services cover a wide range of appliances, including:

Our services are there to give you piece of mind in knowing that your gas appliances are serviced and maintained properly. Not taking the correct precautionary measures, could result in serious implications. Your family could either get very ill or injured, or your home/ business could get damaged. If your installation wasn’t up to code or issued a Certificate of Compliance, the insurance company will be well within their rights to repudiate your claim.

By having your gas systems and appliances inspected regularly, you are keeping your family and/or business safe. If your gas appliances or installations need repair, our team of fully qualified technicians will gladly assist.

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StarGas LPG is cleaner and of a higher purity than most. Our product quality and service levels are the highest in the industry. Don’t believe us, just ask our customers.

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