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Gas fireplaces – When the cold hits and load-shedding is an ever-lasting concern, LP Gas Fireplaces are the best, modern solutions for your home. 

Gas fireplaces are convenient and burn cleaner than wood fireplaces, this is because there is no ash from the burnt wood that can spill or that needs cleaning up. As gas fireplaces are open fires, dirt, dust and carbon build-up can accumulate and restrict the combustion chambers to be exhausted freely. This is why it is important to have your fireplace serviced regularly. 

We service and repair gas fireplaces and firepits to all customers in Gauteng. Our team will visit your premises and inspect and/or service your gas fireplace at your convenience. If you need repairs, we are ready to assist. Our team is fully registered and experienced, meaning we can provide you with tips, guidelines, and assistance with all your gas fireplace needs. Our installers are fully trained and registered with the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of Southern Africa (LPGSA), meaning your installation is up to the current rules and regulations set out in SANS10087. 

Gas fireplaces offer an immediate, clean burning flame, encapsulated in a sleek and modern finish fireplace body. The best aspect of an LP Gas fireplace is that there is no wait for the fire to warm up as with wood fireplaces. The flame is ready for you at the time of ignition. Most fireplaces can be fully customized, up to the stones within the fireplace. This means a fireplace can be tailored to your space, for the perfect atmosphere.

Looking at a firepit but dreading the clean ups and maintenance? Stargas offers LP Gas Firepits for your convenience. Hassle-free and energy efficient, gather around your firepit with friends and family for cosy evenings, roasting marshmallows and having joyous laughs. 

We offer an extensive catalogue of LP Gas fireplaces and firepits for you to choose from. Whatever aesthetic you are going for, our team of experts will source the fireplace suited best for you.

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