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Gas Cylinders – Bottled gas in Gauteng works on an exchange based system, whereby gas bottles are refilled in a centralised plant and  empty cylinders are exchanged with filled cylinders where and when required. This approach solves the physical problem of having to fill bottles on site for every individual gas user.

Some cylinders can only be refilled and not exchanged, this is because, this is due to certain cylinders belonging to a different oil company or the a cylinder belonging to you (private cylinders). For these scenarios we are capable of refilling at our branches or delivery to your door on exchangeable bottles in and around Gauteng.

If you are in need of gas or cylinders, call us today or order now! We deliver or come and collect! 

Stargas is your one-stop-shop for a variety of gas related services, gas accessories and are all available on our online shop.

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StarGas cylinders are thicker and stronger. We exceed LPGSA & SANS10087requirements. For leaders in LPG safety, look no further.

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StarGas LPG is cleaner and of a higher purity than most. Our product quality and service levels are the highest in the industry. Don’t believe us, just ask our customers.

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From our staff and technology to our partners, suppliers, products and services- Stargas delivers peace of mind through safety, accreditation and reliability..

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