Stargas – Gas Centurion Installations cylinders supplier COC's appliances commercial

Gas Refill Pricelist

Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice!

Gas Price List – Retail

9Kg – 275.00
14kg – R408.00
19Kg – R505.00
48Kg – R1245.00
New 9Kg Cylinder WITH gas => R723.00
New StarGas 19Kg Cyl WITH gas => R969.00
New StarGas 48Kg SV Cyl WITH gas => ¬R1718.00
Helium Disposable => R950.00

CADAC Gas Refills

1.4Kg = R38.50
3Kg = R78.00
4Kg = R110.00
4.5Kg = R115.00
5Kg = R130.00
6Kg = R160.00
7Kg = R192.00

EXCHANGE gas Refills
9Kg => R233.00
14Kg => R360.00
19Kg => R480.00
48Kg => R1200.00
New 9Kg Cylinder (filled) = R683.00
New Stargas 19Kg Cyl (filled) = R929.00
48Kg Single Valve Cyl (filled) = R1678.00

9KG STARGAS Depot Cylinder Refill R226.00
19Kg STARGAS Depot Cylinder Refill R473.00
48Kg STARGAS Depot Cylinder Refill R1173.00

Helium Disposable cylinder => R910